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Today is May 24, 2015
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Short Thoughts
Belief: God made world, runs it. Remember that we don’t always see big picture. (14 words, 80 characters) link to similar

Kashrut is: following Torah laws for eating. Turns eating from physical to spiritual. Is not: for health reasons, or food blessed by rabbi. (23 words, 140 characters) link to similar

Shabbat: God rested, so do we. (6 words, 30 characters) link to similar

Tzniut: More than clothes, it’s how we present ourselves to world. Modesty both in dress and in actions. (18 words, 104 characters) link to similar

Crossing a line when chating on the internet.

Stem Cell Research?

Right to privacy even for despicable things?

Kosher options on the road?

Is one obliged to inform a seller of the value of an item?

Jewish views on genetic selection for children?

For inclusion purposes & Israeli citizenship, who is a Jew?

How do I measure whether I'm living up to what God expects?

Baby Naming

Can adulterers marry after proper divorce?

Respecting the Law of the Land?

How long one should date before getting married?

Grieving family after losing son to a drug overdose.

Is Organ or Tissue Donation Okay for Jews?

What do I do with suspected stolen goods I bought?

What is the Jewish view on organ transplants?

How long is too long to date before engagement?

Is the State of Israel a central focus of the Judaism?

Obligation to Exercise?

What is the Jewish response to natural tragedy?

Hiring or asking someone to say Kaddish for your relative?

How re-gain trust & be believed after lying?

Mean to a sibling? How do I know when I am?

What does Judaism say about intermarriage?

Halachic obligation for a Jew to move to Israel

Obsessed with Money?

Gun Control?

Internet Infidelity?

Sexual roles: is female domination okay?

Obligation to care for aging parents.

Use/Abuse Homeless Guests in Synagogue for Publicity?

Resonsibility for a neighbor going through hard times?

Is God a He? What gender do we use to reference God?

Are we judged by G-d for our thoughts and fantasies?

Level of personal honesty in a job interview?

Parent's right to try to persuade?

What is the Jewish position on an afterlife?

Does G-d trully create soul mates?

Teaching children self esteem.

Can Israel be both a democracy and a Jewish state?

Pressure to marry 'Jewish' racism & cause for anti-Semitism?

If my friend is cheating on her spouse, what should I do?

Using a false identity to post things online?

Tree & Santa in Shul at Christmas for Homeless guests?

Marital obligation to my spouse diagnosed dementia?

Should I write about Jewish law on a sex worker's blog?

Obligation to Last Wishes?

How important is it to be buried in a Jewish cemetery?

What is the position on "embryo reduction"?

What the #?%*! Boycott Israel?

Asking for Forgiveness - What is removed?

Can a non-practicing mom raise a Jewish child? Should she?

Can art be seperated from vile views of the artist?

Is the timing of an unveiling set by Jewish law?

What to do about restricting Jewish religious expression?

Why don't some Ultra-Orthodox Jews celebrate Yom Haatzmaut?

Can a Jew enter a Church?

What is the Torah view on recycling?

Who can follow a Mitzvah?

Jewish stand on women praying wearing Tefillin and a Tallit.

Is there an obligation for every Jew to visit Israel?

Breaking the news that I'm now a Jew!

Why does G-d let suffering repeat?

Jewish values about being a sperm donor to a couple?

Does family Jewish heritage long ago make me a Jew?

I discovered Jewish heritage in my family - now what?

Asking for Forgiveness?

Do we celebrate a conversion?

All sinners, all the time? Are we failures in religion?

Jewish values on breeding dogs as a business?

Tatoos and Judaism?

Watching porn? Judging others? What is worse?

How far should I push with learning Torah?

What is a woman to do if her husband just won't work?

Can Jews be cremated?

Dirty Donation?

Mourners & Well-wishing during holidays in Judaism ?

Is there universal acceptance of any process of conversion?

Is there an obligation to vote pro-Israel?

Is the religious divide to great to respect each other?

Should Jewish leaders criticize Israel's policies in public?

Jewish stance on mourning an abusive parent?

Modesty and appearance for unmarried young adults?

Family diversity: Observant VS Not Observant?

What are the basic requirements to convert to Judaism?

Can you lie to your boss to get another job?

Must I fix my relationship with my son?

Are there rules for placing a Ner Tamid?

Jewish woman wearing short shorts or bikinis?

Explain how God is the Supreme Being.

Who can serve as a Jewish witness at a wedding?

Marriage to fulfill a mitzvah more important than for love?

Should a Rabbi engage in political speech from the bima?

How much food on Shabbat is too much?

What about TV? Should we refrain?

Jewish perspective on how to debate political matters?

Required to Perform on Shabbat - What now?

Grieving Mom

What makes a Jews' compliance to ethics uniquely Jewish?

Can you say Kaddish for someone not buried?

How should employers treat employees?

What does Yom Haatzmaut mean to American Jews?

Jewish faith's belief about afterlife or eternity.

Jew by Choice

Is leaving information out considered lying?

Must we mourn the temple's destruction?

Making amends to a wronged person that didn't know?

Photos on Headstones?

Kashrut that incorporates standards of humane slaughter?

What is the view on illegal immigration in Israel?

Can just part of a family convert to Judaism?

Is “Freedom of Speech” a Torah/Jewish value?

What is the meaning of 'my prayers are with you' in Judaism?

Jewish ethical obligation to tell co-worker to fly right?

Discussing political issues in religious terms.

Why do women cover their eyes when lighting Shabbat candles?

Dressing Tznius (modesty).

Mourning for an abusing living person to bring healing?


Dressing Modestly

How does the concept of “tzedakah” apply to government?

Does the Talmud carry the same authority as the Torah?

Can a single women use IVF?

Jewish view on abortion?

Jewish mourning for non-Jewish parents?

Are criminals worthy of our forgiveness?

How come dairy (taken from animals) can't touch meats?

Jewish responses to lust & masturbation?

What is the ideal way to give tzedakah, charity?

Is an adulterous spouse off-limits?

Holding on too long to hopes & dreams for an adult child?

Whose conversions are accepted in Israel?

Are we obligated to give to the homeless?

Addiction to cybersex?

Are Body Farms Permissable?

Is it appropriate to drape a casket with a flag for vet?

When to light Shabbat candles?

Ritual status of person whose job is to deal with the dead?

Is being trustworthy a mitzvah?

Do woman have the same obligations as men in prayer?

Should kashrut be connected to ethical treatment of workers?

Better to convert or to marry and have children first?

Report to police a crime by a Jew?

Bad situation vs a good situation?

What can and can't I do regarding Shabbat in the U.S. Army?

Surrogate Mother?

How honest must I be in a recommendation?

Is a medical test that mixes human and animal cells okay?

How can Jewish values help us repent for our sins?

Veteran's Day is an opportunity to honor our veterans?

When must one reveal that they are a convert?

Are African American converts accepted within Judaism?

Is there a specific obligation to vote?

What is the essence of "a good life" ?

What does Judaism tell me about sexual urges?

The Kotel: how far is too far? Who gets to say?

Can we benefit from past atrocities and war crimes?

Can a Jew and non Jew be married synagogue?

How does one deal with forgiveness of themself?

Why on Sukkot do we focus on huts?

Changing my Hebrew name - disrespectful?

Can a Jew be buried with a tattoo?

Carrying our wishes of the deceased in Judaism

Am I a Jew?

Can Jews of one ethnicity adopt customs of another?

Why are Ashkenazic Jews be named after a deceased person?

What is my Jewish name?

Obligation to children in will?

May a Gentile attend Jewish services?

Is it cheating to take too long of a lunch break?

Sex in public?

Judaism - Who is the mother?

Is it Okay to sell an unkosher Torah?

In a pinch, ok to use a phone app for praying on Shabbat?

When can you postpose a brit milah?

What if it looks non-kosher?

Shaving with a razor instead of an electric shaver?

My mother is not Jewish - my father is Jewish.

Invitation to an Unveiling?

Where does Kol Nidre service fit into Yom Kippur?

Why is there a tradition to say chapters of Tehillim?

Nudity within a Marriage - Jewish views?

“what’s in it for me” Torah observance?

Must we attend Kol Nidre?

Holding an unveiling service on a holiday!

Must I attend High Holiday services?

Leap Year AGAIN?

Electric Shabbat and Havdalah Candles?

V’ahavta l’Reacha Kamocha

Repetition of the same sin - can it be for the good?

Rules of Kashrut do not allow one to mix milk and meat?

Must we honor an abusive parent?

How has the Shoah (Holocaust) affected rabbinic Judaism?

Can Masorti converts wed in an Orthodox shul?

In Jewish view, must a captain go down with his ship?

Is recycling and saving the planet a mitzvah?

Commemorating Jewish Days of Tragedy.

Was Moses a Bad Father and/or Spouse?

Are some Jewish people not suited to marriage?

Stand up for Israel

Are we required to move to Israel?

Is there an obligation to leave a country dangerous to Jews?

Jewish view on resurrection of the dead - physical status?

What is the Jewish view regarding abortion?

What constitutes adultery?

Are combat sports like boxing okay?

The process of teshuvah in Judaism.

Jewish views on mixed-breed animals?

Dangerous Facebook post by teen.

Assisted living dining together

Why not cremation?

Intermarriage Problem?

No relations - Divorce?

What does Judaism say about naming a child?

Should a minority impose their wishes on the majority?

Can a single mother with a child be accepted as a spouse?

Are there any parts of a kosher bird that are not kosher?

When donate clothes of the deceased?

Why are closed adoptions discouraged?

What is the significance Tu B'Av?

Balancing Mitzvot

Jewish view on testing using healthy persons?

Jewish wedding, unkosher food??

Supporting public schools, beyond my tax dollars?

Is aguna a non-orthodox concern?

Genetic testing to establish Jewishness?

In Judaism, OK to lie to court to prevent death penalty?

Share scientific truths about global warming?

Is it Kosher to mix vegan 'cheese' and meat?

Who decides who is Jewish?

Strange Customs?
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